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padding EasyTac downloader is compatible with all common vehicle unit (VU) download tools, including VDO, Optac and Digidown.

These download devices plug into the VU and copy the stored data from the digital tachograph ready for transfer to a PC. Each VU has sufficient internal memory to store up to a year's worth of activity and diagnostic information, so unlike the driver's cards, the VU download process does not have to be done very often.

Typically, downloading all the data can take in excess of 45 minutes, although this differs according to the manufacturer of the VU and download device. This is mainly due to the amount of data stored on the VU and the fact that the download speed is limited by the tachograph unit. However, devices such as the Digidown have a button to download just the most recent data, thus reducing the download time to under 25 mins per vehicle.
*The above image shows the locations of the connection sockets for each model of VU.

EasyTac downloader reads files from all VU download devices and automatically stores them on your PC using a standardised naming convention. It displays the vehicle details, and provides detailed activity reporting as well as a graphical timeline display of driver and co-driver activities.

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