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 Technical Support  
padding If you have a technical support query, you will usually find an answer by reading this section of the web site.

1. Please check that your edition of EasyTac is up-to-date

You can check which edition of EasyTac you are running, and the exact software version number, by clicking on 'About' in the EasyTac help menu.

If you have EasyTac downloader version 1.x, this software is no longer supported and we therefore recommend that you purchase EasyTac downloader V2 in order to comply with current regulations. Please check the Where to buy page for details of your nearest supplier.

If you have EasyTac downloader V2, then please use the "Check for updates" feature to obtain the latest version.

2. Please check the user guide and installation instructions

The user guide for your edition of EasyTac can be called up from the EasyTac help menu or the Windows Start menu. It is also on the EasyTac CD.

Note: you need Adobe Acrobat reader on your PC to view the user guide. Most modern PCs have this pre-installed. If you get a message indicating that the file format is not recognised, please visit the Adobe web site to download and install it.

3. Please read the list of Frequently Asked Questions

To check if your question has already been answered, please go to the dedicated FAQ page.

4. Please email your comments, suggestions or queries

If you have a suggestion on how we can improve EasyTac or a query that requires further assistance, please email us.

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