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padding Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to EasyTac downloader and digital tachographs. Click on the question to reveal the answer:

Who is EasyTac downloader suitable for?

EasyTac downloader is suitable for all individuals and companies who wish to download, view and store their digital tachograph data. EasyTac downloader can be used with single vehicles or larger fleets to help comply with government legislation for digital tachographs. In the UK, digital tachographs are regulated by VOSA (www.digitaltachograph.gov.uk).

Are there any subscription fees or additional costs?

No, there is only the one time cost of the EasyTac downloader package.

What are my legal obligations for downloading?

Across Europe it is the legal obligation of the vehicle owner or the employer to periodically download, view and store all of their driver's card and vehicle unit (VU) activity data. In the UK you are required to download vehicle units every 90 days and driver's cards every 28 days. These times can vary in other countries.

What do I need?

There are typically 3 packages to choose from:

Software + Smartcard reader + VU download device – This provides you with everything you need to download, view and store data from drivers' cards and vehicles. This package is ideal for any person or company operating their own vehicle(s).

Software + Smartcard reader – This provides you with everything you need to download, view and store data from drivers' cards. This package is ideal for those with an existing VU download device or drivers who wish to check their own data.

Software only – With the appropriate hardware this package provides you with the ability to download, view and store data from drivers' cards and vehicles. This is ideal for those with an existing smartcard reader and VU download device.

Why do I need download software?

Data must be written into a standard, tamper proof, file format as required by the digital tachograph legislation. Software such as EasyTac downloader communicates between the PC and the driver's card via a smartcard reader in order to do this. EasyTac downloader also provides the facility to create various reports, such as graphs and tables of activity to aid analysis.

Do I have to send the data off to be analysed?

No, there is no need to send data for analysis. EasyTac downloader carries out all of its reporting on your PC. At the time of downloading, you should check or print the reports showing the time spent on different activities, to ensure you are meeting working hours obligations. If you want further analysis of the information, files can be forwarded using a built-in email function.

Is there a way of backing up my data?

EasyTac downloader includes a feature to back up all your driver and vehicle files to a specified location such as a CD, memory stick or shared network location.

As an alternative you can change the file download destination to a shared network location and use your existing server facilities to back up your files.

Is the software easy to install?

EasyTac downloader is very easy to install - simply insert the CD and follow the on-screen instructions. As well as an extensive user-guide, a printed quick-start guide is included within the package. Failing that our support team are here to help!

Is EasyTac downloader compatible with second generation smart tachographs?

Yes, the latest version of EasyTac is able to read and understand data from Gen2/Annex 1C digital tachograph driver’s cards and vehicle download units.

Can I download more than one driver's card or vehicle?

With EasyTac downloader you are able to download an UNLIMITED number of drivers and vehicles.

How long does a download from a driver's card take?

A download from a driver's card typically takes between 30 and 60 seconds.

Does downloading information from my driver's card remove the data?

No – data cannot be removed from a driver's card, it can only be copied. This is to ensure that enforcement officers have access to your data when required. Drivers' cards have sufficient internal memory to store ample activity and diagnostic information. Once full, the tachograph unit simply overwrites the oldest data with new information.

What driver's card readers are compatible with EasyTac downloader?

EasyTac downloader is designed to work with all smartcard readers that comply with industry-standard PC/SC specifications. Please ensure your reader meets this minimum requirement.


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