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padding EasyTac Connect - download your digital tachograph data direct to your PC


  • Downloads data directly to a Windows laptop or netbook via USB
  • Includes software for downloading, storing and managing your data
  • Fully compatible with all vehicle tachograph units in Europe
  • Automatic visual reminders for when to download
  • Allows any number of downloads from any number of vehicles
  • Data can be transferred by email, USB stick and other methods

Ease of use

EasyTac Connect offers you a low cost, easy-to-use solution to meet your legal tachograph data download requirements. EasyTac Connect enables you to download and transfer your VU data directly to your PC. It provides a simple and convenient means for downloading both VU and drivers' card data without the need for a card reader. Simply plug the EasyTac Connect device into the tachograph and connect it to your laptop or netbook via USB to gain instant access to your digital tachograph data. A 3 metre long USB cable is included in the package.

Ease of access

EasyTac Connect comes with software which enables you to transfer your files by email, USB stick, portable hard drive or over WiFi and helps to keep your data properly backed up and secure.

EasyTac Connect stores data in the tamper-proof format that conforms to the European standards, as required by authorities. Using EasyTac Connect, you can perform any number of downloads from any number of vehicles with the software visually identifying drivers and vehicles that are due to have data downloaded.

With EasyTac Connect you can choose to download recent or all VU data including activities, events, faults and speed.

EasyTac Connect will work with your existing digital tachograph download and analysis software.

Full compatibility with EasyTac downloader

EasyTac Connect can be used directly with EasyTac downloader software version V2.2 or later in order to keep all your files and run your software on a single laptop. Alternatively, you can use EasyTac Connect hardware and software to download your tachograph files onto a laptop, and then transfer them to another PC running EasyTac downloader for viewing and reporting purposes.

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